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Smallworld Ottawa

August 2015 - November 2016

Smallworld Ottawa was a platform designed to help expose the exceptional arts culture in the Ottawa region. Showcasing the evolution of our artistic landscape in the city while expressing the growth, change and diversity necessary to improve Ottawa's creative scene. Smallworld was a collective that passionately and energetically represented any form of media development within Ottawa that was striving to illustrate the music, art, and social scene.

Roles & Responsibilities

Creative Director

  • Founder and Business Manager of

  • Lead Contributor and Content Editor

  • Collaborated and produced content with local businesses, companies and local artists across various genres

Website Manager

  • Created and strategized website’s format with Wordpress

  • Regulated posted content that relates to the direction of the site

  • Produced photos, videos, links, and graphics

  • Managed social media accounts that include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, Vimeo, and Youtube

Video Director/Producer/Editor

  • Created an outlined and storyboard video to be produced

  • Managed and deliver instructions to third-party clients

  • Assembled and edited footage into documentary, event recap, and interview videos

  • Specialized in Final Cut Pro X software


  • Provided editorials for various subjects that included music, art, photography, video, and fashion

  • Conducted interviews with artists and creatives on their personal and professional experiences

  • Blogged compelling material for the website’s audience

Smallworld Ottawa Videos

Smallworld Ottawa Videos

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