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Jelani Lewis Ottawa NRML_edited_edited.png


April 2012 - April 2016

NRML has become synonymous with street culture throughout Canada, nowhere more than in its capital city Ottawa where NRML's flagship location lives. As the longest running sneaker boutique in the country NRML has been carefully curating the finest apparel and footwear for the past 24 years. Over time NRML has grown from humble beginnings as a neighbourhood store to a 10,000 sq/ft, 3 level retail experience.

Roles & Responsibilities

Sales Associate/Cashier/Customer Service Representative - April 2012 - April 2016

  • Ecstatic service to a variety of numerous and various customers and businesses

  • Provided excellent assistance with sales and patron cooperating tactics

  • Exceeded daily sales targets and management expectations

  • Engaged in developing a solid and consistent client base through exceptional and repetitive business approaches (gain personal/professional relationships with ease)

  • Administered store marketing techniques to showcase new company promotions

  • Cashier experience as well as administrative obligations and functions

  • Performed consecutive company duties and continuous store maintenance

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