Video Editing

Video is a cost effective and time efficient digital product that offers businesses a great return.

Video is the greatest medium for education.

"A learner remembers 10% textual content, 65% visual content and 95% of audio-visual content"


Video is the most effective way to communicate a message or idea that resonates with people.

"80% of people remember what they see and do"


Video Fact 1

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Video Fact 1

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Video Fact 1

The potential of video is remarkable, however you might find it:

Time consuming

A simple 5 minute video takes:

1 hour of research and script writing

30 mins to film

2 hours to edit footage, find b-roll, add subtitles and animations

15 mins review and revisions

15 mins to export and upload

TOTAL = 4 hours


    • Adobe Editing Software = $30 USD/month

    • Storyblocks Stock Footage subscription = $40 CAD/month

    • Artlist Stock Footage = $200 CAD/year 😵

Has an advanced learning curve

Linkedin Learning offers an Introduction to Video Editing course that takes 2hrs and 53 mins to complete 😪

E-Learning Modules

Training Videos


Personal Branding Videos

Online Courses

Presentation Videos

Editing videos is my meditation.


I focus on producing: